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2022 CDXA DX King Contest – Overview

To promote CDXA on the world stage and have fun. The goal is to “work as many countries and zones as possible at least once during the calendar year”.
All CDXA members in good standing with annual dues paid by June 1st of the program year and that have submitted their scores to the CQ DX Marathon website by the January 5, 2023 deadline.
Data Source
The official scores as published by the CQ DX Marathon committee.
The rules for the DX King competition follow those of CQ Magazine's DX Marathon exactly, and we use their scoring spreadsheet as well. You can work countries/zones both inside and outside of other contests. Members must note “Carolina DX Association” as their club. The more participants the better CDXA’s standing in the club competition.
After reaching a score of 100 (or sooner if you wish) fill out the on-line form on the CDXA Website.
I will be emailing monthly results so you should submit your scores by the 5th of each month, starting in February, or after you have 100 points.
There will be a $100 Amazon gift card awarded by raffle among the entrants who have scored 150 or more points as determined by the DX Marathon scores published by CQ.
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