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Carolina DX Foundation (CDXF)

The Carolina DX Association (CDXA) is pleased to announce, effective immediately (9/22/2015), the formation of the Carolina DX Foundation (CDXF), a non-profit organization under the rules of the Internal Revenue Service Section 501(c)(3).

The purpose of the CDXF is to support amateur radio DXpeditions through financial distributions. Specifically, benefits of DXpedition support by the CDXF include the furtherance of scientific research exploring electromagnetic wave propagation in the high frequency domain, and education through public presentations by DXpeditions supported by the CDXF.

Donations to the CDXF are accepted from individuals and organizations, and are tax deductible per IRS rules and regulations.

The CDXF is a separate, and separately managed, entity from the CDXA. The Officers of the CDXF will be elected on a yearly basis, in December, by all those who have donated to the CDXF in the preceding twelve months. Initially the Officers are: Former President, Hal Bouton, N4QT (SK); Vice President, Bill Fisher, W4GRW; and Secretary-Treasurer, Cliff Wagoner, W3ZL. The Officers will make all final decisions regarding distribution of DXpedition donations.

The foundation of the CDXF stems from Frank Dowd, K4BVQ, generously donating his radio collection to the CDXA several years ago, netting the CDXA over $15,000 for DXpedition donations. Hal Bouton, President of CDXF, says “Without Frank’s generosity, the CDXF would not be possible. We are excited about building on this foundation and adding to it to help fund important DXpeditions into the future.”

For more information on CDXF, contact:
Cliff Wagoner
218 Ohenry Ave.
Davidson, NC 28036

"I want to make a tax exempt DXpedition donation through the Carolina DX Foundation (CDXF)."

Make your donation using paypal or your credit card here.

You can also send a check made out to the Carolina DX Foundation. Mail your check to:
Carolina DX Foundationn, C/O Cliff Wagoner, 218 Ohenry Ave., Davidson, NC 28036

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218 Ohenry Ave.
Davidson, NC 28036
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