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Renew your 2021 CDXA membership here.

Because of reduced CDXA club activities resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, the expenses to run Carolina DX Association have been diminished. In recognizing that CDXA is not providing some benefits formerly provided under normal operations, nor are members receiving those benefits, Club Leadership has decided to reduce the dues for 2021 membership renewals for individuals, individuals and spouse, and renewals for a family membershipl to an amount of $10.00 for all three of these categories. New memberships applications in 2021 will be assessed at the current rates for the respective class of membership now in place.

Renewal 2021 Single Membership:                             $10.00
Renewal 2021 for 2 members in same household:                   $10.00
Renewal 2021 for 3 or more members in same household:       $10.00 

Clicking a Pay Now Buttons will open a secure web page on On this page you can select a credit card to use or if you have a PayPal account you can use it. Be sure to complete all the information and then click the Review Order and Continue Button. The correct amount is entered by the Button you select.

IF you prefer to send a check Instead of using Paypal, mail it to: Ray Weeks, Carolina DX Association, 3017 Cutchin Dr., Charlotte, NC 28208

If you are using Paypal and after completing the Paynow form and returned back here, or you are Mailing a check, please complete the below form for our records.

Ray Weeks, N4APR
Carolina DX Association
3017 Cutchin Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28208
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