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Carolina DX Association History

Published before 2000

The Carolina DX Club held its first meeting in July of 1981, at the home of Roger Burt, N4ZC. The sole purpose of this meeting was to determine whether or not a DX club could (and should) be formed in the Carolinas. Reactions were positive, and the Carolina DX Club was created. Officers were duly elected:

President Roger Burt, N4ZC (sk)
Activities Manager Pete Nance, N5TR
Newsletter Editor Martin Lafferty, W4PNY
Secretary Henry Elwell, N4UH (sk)
Treasurer Paul Deyo, WA4ZMM N1PD (sk)

It was decided there would be no initiation fee; annual dues would be set at $10.00. New applicants would be advised as to the need for financing the club repeater, and that other users of the repeater would contribute $25.00. A discussion was held concerning "full members" and "associates," but no decision was reached. N4ZC volunteered to create a constitution to be presented at the next meeting for discussion. The repeater was discussed, and determined to be covered by N4ZC's home-owner's insurance policy for any damage from the elements. They decided their next meeting would be held in October, at Rick Porter, AA4SC's, QTH.

Attendance at the July 19th meeting included:

HP1XRG K4SQR Jim (sk) K4MQG Gary W6NWS Larry
K4CEB Larry (sk) AA4R Bill W4PNY Martin
N4AXT Hugh K2SD Scott AA4S Ron
AA4CQ Wayne WA4VCC W4VHF Ted (SK) N4ZC Roger (sk)
N4UH Henry (sk) N5TR Pete  

Many of these "charter" members remain the more active members of the CDXA today. Most of them have worked everything, built bigger stations, including some big contest stations, expanded their activities to include WARC band DXing, or VHF/UHF contesting, or some other aspect of our hobby.

Now, 35 years later, many were able to make the 35th Anniversary party (7/24/2016).

If you have any interest or desire to operate the HF bands, if you want to learn some of the "higher level" skills associated with modern-day hamming, consider the Carolina DX Association! (An application can be found on this website.)

Ray Weeks, N4APR
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