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This page is for CDXA and MARS (W4BFB) members to list their equipment for sale or swap.  A maximum of 5 pieces of equipment can be listed on the Boneyard at any one time per person.  Pictures of equipment are welcome.  Some Items listed have a hyperlink, that when clicked will give more information and/or a picture.  Equipment will be listed for 180 days unless notified by seller that equipment has been sold or traded. After the 180 days items may be removed from the list. Items listed as they are received with newest on top. Members wishing to list equipment can send the information to .

CDXA will not be responsible for any discrepancy or condition of listed equipment.  All contracts are between buyer and seller. Some pictures displayed are NOT from the owner of the equipment being sold, but are shown for display only.

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** W4BFB (MARS CLUB) SILENT AUCTION at August 28th MARS Meeting **
The Mecklenburg Amateur Radio Society (MARS) will be holding a Silent Auction at our August 28, 2018 meeting. Time is 7pm, and location is at St. Giles Presbyterian Church – 2027 Emerywood Drive, Charlotte NC 28210. Members and non-members are welcome to attend. Cash, local checks, and credit cards will be accepted.
Thanks to several generous donations to MARS, we have quite an assortment of ham equipment to be sold – some are treasures, some are boat anchors needing restoration, and some are just plain cool station accessories.
HEATHKIT, ICOM, and KENWOOD transceivers plus linear amplifiers.
For a List and Some Information or items click - - > H E R E < - -
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**All Yaesu, like new in factory boxes, from a non-smoking environment**
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  • pic Delta-4C Desktop Antenna Switch Console. pic
    Delta-4C Desktop Antenna Switch Console.$90.00
    Switch console sits next to your rig without having to be installed on a wall or screwed down on a desk top. The Delta switch offers three levels of surge protection! In the common position the common is disconnected from all antennas and all antennas are connected to ground. These switches feature a built-in surge protector. A replaceable D-4 Arc-Plug cartridge will divert harmful surges to ground. The Delta 4C console features four SO-239 fittings (for PL-259s). Reviews on e-ham gives it a 5.0 out of 5. $90.00 (sold at Universal for $140)
  • pic Daiwa DP-830 pic
    Daiwa DP-830 $225.00
    digital SWR/wattmeter, covers 1.8-525MHz continuous, handles 1500 watts on HF and 150 watts on VHF/UHF. Can be used with HF and VHF/UHF easily with it's two sensors. Has a clock with 4 different times or time zones. Shows watts in PEP or AVG and has a bar graph as well as digits for either watts or SWR. It is compact and runs off batteries or DC so it is handy to test your mobile. $225 or *reasonable* offer.
  • Bought from CDXA member who was downsizing. I never used either and now need to downsize, also. No issues on either item.
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  • pic Flex 6500 SDR HF Transceiver pic
    Flex 6500 SDR HF Transceiver
    Purchased late 2014 FHM1 Mic, Power Cable, Ethernet Cable, New Smart SDR version 2.1.32 Installed. Will be shipped in the original packaging(Double Boxed). Manuals and software supplied on a CD. Comes from a nonsmoking shack, Mint and works as it should with no issues! Priced to sell at 2850.00 Shipped. Let me know if you have any questions.
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  WB4BXW Items Forsale
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  • pic Icom IC-775DSP pic
    Icom IC-775DSP $1100.00
    I picked up this in a trade. Tested the receiver on every band and appeared fine , filters and band pass tuning also appears fine. Transmitter puts out over 200 watts on every band into a dummy load. From what I can see this is fully functional. There are minor scratches and dings not perfect. Have op and service manuals on DVD. No mic or accessories. I am selling it because I have 3 Flex 5K's, an IC-781, and an IC970H.... and I do not need another rig. Asking $1100 + Shipping (or pick up) I will consider best offers or trades NO PAYPAL $1100.00
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  • pic Henry 2KD-5 pic
    Henry 2KD-5 $950.00
    desk top amplifier with two 3-500ZG tubes, 10 through 80 Meters, manual tuning. Power supply rebuilt and the amplifier is in good condition for its age. Includes operating manual and keying cable. $950.00
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  Idle Equipment needs happy home. "Prices Reduced Again!!" Local pick up preferred in Blythewood, SC,
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  • pic Cushcraft 13B2 pic
    Cushcraft 13B2
    2 Meter Broadband Boomer SSB/CW/FM Yagi 144-148 MHz. Antenna is in good working order & was only removed from service when replaced with a 6M Yagi. $135.00 or trade for a DAIWA CN-101L in excellent condition.
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  Daso Antennas, Towers and more Website
  • SOLD Force-12 (JK Antennas legacy series) 6BA six-band Yagi,
    Call 802-233-6721 for updated prices
    Rohn 60-ft 25G tower (all associated guys, coax & control line runs, PolyPhasers in aluminum box for tower base, etc.), TailTwister rotator with DCU-3 controller.
    Ten Tec OMNI VII, MFJ 989 other words, a complete, ready-to-go station. $6600 original investment,
    On the ground in Crossville TN at W9WBA. Owner is Tom, N1NDM, cell 802-233-6721.
    Recently put up (two years ago) but now recently taken down (client moving to FL).
  • NEW-IN-BOX OptiBeam 40M YAGI, an OB4-40, at client's QTH in Ohio (will be going back there shortly), $3500.00
  • Cushcraft A3 3L tribander $100.00
  • ROHN 45G tiltover tower 54 feet $500.00 (No, I will not separate items, like the hinge, etc. It's a package deal)
  • ROHN 25G tiltover tower 54 feet $400.00 (No, I will not separate items, like the hinge, etc. It's a package deal)
  • 14L 2M YAGI elements oriented vertical so assume it's for FM. Believe it's a KLM from mounting arrangement. $25.00 Pick up in Gaston County NC.
  • 15M6DX $550.00 (6 elements, 44-ft. boom) current list on M2 website @$1110.95, four available.
  • 10M4DX $400.00 (4 elements, 24-ft. boom) current list on M2 website @$839.99, two available.
  • 6M7JHV $250.00 (7 elements, 30-ft. boom) current list on M2 website @$499.99, one available.
  • Hoffman box style enclosures $50/each
    All aluminum, easy to work.  16 X 9 X 6 HWD.  One small 1/2-inch hole on top, one 2-inch hole in rear, easily covered as-needed. All new, never used. Excellent for switches, PolyPhasers, etc.
  • 432 mHz 16L homebrew Yagi $60.00
    Recent takedown, heavy-duty construction, excellent condition w/original KLM balun.
  • PIROD tower $FREE for pickup in Gaston County.
    60-ft self-supporting tower (20-ft sections), recently re-galvanized, 24-inch base section, tapering to 10-inch top section. Will require fabricating new base (or you could sink the base in concrete).
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