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CDXAmembers at Email Reflector

CDXA is in the process of moving from the 'Mailman' email reflector to '' email reflector for our email service.
Reason for the change is because the 'mailman' reflector does not have the ability to send images, attachments and sometimes links. The '' email reflector gives us the ability to add images, attachments, links, etc. to emails going out to all members. It also gives us some new tools like polls, etc
Previous an email was sent to all CDXA members inviting you to join the All CDXA members joinging the must be approved before you can use it. The approval process is an unfortunate necessity given people who would abuse the service.

If you are a CDXA member and have not yet signed up for the CDXA reflecter, you can signup here.

Once your account has been approved by a CDXA Moderator, to send an Email to all CDXA members using put in the TO: Line of your email form or click - - > here. < - - .
This email reflector will allow you to attach files, add images, etc.

For the time being you can still send Emails to all members using the Mailman reflector, using
Mailman will go away at a later date.

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