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2019 CDXA Charlotte Hamfest Dinner

Hamfest Dinner

1467 N Main St, Mt Pleasant, NC 28124 DATE: Friday March 8, 2019
TIME: COCKTAILS w/CASH BAR Beginning at 7:00 PM,
DINNER starting at 8:00 PM.
PRICE: $33 per person. This event and ALL future CDXA events now require you to pay in advance. 8 day notice required for any cancellation refunds.

FOR DIRECTIONS: From Cabarrus Arena (hamfest site) to 73 and Main.

Dinner Options:
  • BEEF ~ 12 ounce Prime Sirloin
  • CHICKEN ~ Chicken with Mushroom Demi Glaze
  • FISH ~ Fish and Chips
  • VEGETARIAN ~ Fire Roasted Veggie Pesto Pasta
  • ALL MEALS SERVED WITH mixed green salad, red skin mashed potatoes, and dinner rolls with whipped butter.
  • DRINKS: Water, Tea, Coffee,& Soft Drinks included

  • DESSERT: NOT Included.

  • Beer, Wine and Liquor: will be availavble at the 2 downstairs bars, one features 50 different kinds of bourbon, the other has 37 beers on tap.
Latest CDXA News  
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Posted 2/13/2019
CDXA Member, Haney Howell - K2XN,
passed away on Monday, February 11th, 2019.

Read about Haney's life from the Rock Hill, SC paper 'The Herald' - - > HERE < - -.
Pitcairn Island DXpedition 2019 
A group of 14 operators will activate Pitcairn Island in October of 2019. This will be a two-week, all band, all mode operation with transportation to and from the island provided by the RV Braveheart.

PIDXG Press release 'Call To Action'
As you may be aware, our group the Pacific Islands DXpeditions Group (PIDXG) has been petitioning the 'authorities' for permission to operate from
Kure Atoll
Thus far, we have been rejected. All Amateur Radio Operations have been banned from the Atoll. Period!
Not the PIDXG but all Amateur operations. Primarily there is one major roadblock and it is fully detailed in the attached - - > pdf < - - . Read and take Action.
73 - Lou N2TU
updated 2/16/2017
Do you use for any of your online shopping? If so, make your default link to Any items bought using this link gives a small donation to the Carolina DX Foundation. Thanks.
Updated 9/25/2016
Help CDXA Support DXPeditions by renewing your membership or joning ARRL through CDXA. If your ARRL renewal/membership application is sent to the ARRL by CDXA, CDXA is able to retain a small portion of your ARRL application/renewal dues. Click - - > [ here ] < - - for more information and the Renewal Form to print, complete and and send to CDXA.
Posted 9/22/2015
Formation of Carolina DX Foundation
The Carolina DX Association (CDXA) is pleased to announce, effective immediately, the formation of the Carolina DX Foundation, a non-profit organization under the rules of the Internal Revenue Service Section 501(c)(3). The purpose of the CDXF is to support amateur radio DXpeditions through financial distributions....
Specifically, benefits of DXpedition support by the CDXF include the furtherance of scientific research exploring electromagnetic wave propagation in the high frequency domain, and education through public presentations by DXpeditions supported by the CDXF. Donations to the CDXF are accepted from individuals and organizations, and are tax deductible per IRS rules and regulations. The CDXF is a separate, and separately managed, entity from the CDXA. The Officers of the CDXF will be elected on a yearly basis, in December, by all those who have donated to the CDXF in the preceding twelve months. Initially the Officers are: President, Hal Bouton, N4QT; Vice President, Bill Fisher, W4GRW; and Secretary-Treasurer, Cliff Wagoner, W3ZL. The Officers will make all final decisions regarding distribution of DXpedition donations.
The foundation of the CDXF stems from Frank Dowd, K4BVQ, generously donating his radio collection to the CDXA several years ago, netting the CDXA over $15,000 for DXpedition donations. Hal Bouton, President of CDXF, says “Without Frank’s generosity, the CDXF would not be possible. We are excited about building on this foundation and adding to it to help fund important DXpeditions into the future.”
For more information on CDXF, or to make a contribution, contact:
Cliff Wagoner
PO Box 577
Davidson, NC 28036
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Make a Tax Exempt DXpedition Donation through the Carolina DX Foundation (CDXF)

Make your donation using paypal or your credit card here.

You can also send a check made out to the Carolina DX Foundation. Mail your check to:
Carolina DX Foundationn, C/O Cliff Wagoner, 218 Ohenry Ave. Davidson, NC 28036

Read about the CDXF

CDXA Supported DXPeditions  
W4DXA 2 Meter Repeater 147.18 + 600
CDXA has had a 2 meter repeater on 147.18MHz +600 (no tone) for many years. This is your club repeater (open to all), take advantage of it.
The repeater was updated to a DR-1X Repeater Yaesu DR-1X in 2015. Read about the changes HERE .
CDXA Lunch

Every Wednesday
11:30 AM until
Skyland Family Restaurant Logo
4544 South Boulevard
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CDXA Hamfest Booth
CDXA 6-Meter Challenge
For 2019, we will be conducting a year-long Challenge to CDXA members to work as many 4 digit Grid Squares as possible, using any mode on 6 meters.

Read the Rules here: - - > here < - - .

To upload your log to Dropbox, as described in the Rules, use this address:
CDXA DX King 2019 Score Form

CDXA members participating in the DX King contest,
Click HERE to enter your score,

CDXA Member Awards
Call Mode Active Entities Total Entities
AA4V Mixed 340 364
K4BVQ Mixed 340 384
K4CIA Mixed 340 376
K4MQG Mixed 340 380
K4XP Mixed 340 358
KZ2I Mixed 340 363
N2TU Mixed 340 350
N4XO Mixed 340 383
W4LK Mixed 340 355
W4MBD Mixed 340 358
W4ZV Mixed 340 385
AA4R Mixed 339 359
K4ESE Mixed 339 356
K4TAG Mixed 339 359
KA4S Mixed 339 358
N2ZZ Mixed 339 348
N4PQX Mixed 339 346
W4BUW Mixed 339 357
W4NL Mixed 339 371
WA4DT Mixed 339 352
AA4SC Mixed 338 355
N1GC Mixed 338 344
W3GQ Mixed 338 346
W3OA Mixed 338 348
W4AG Mixed 338 367
W4FC Mixed 338 361
W4HG Mixed 338 358
AK4N Mixed 337 351
K4MD Mixed 337 351
K4ZO Mixed 337 352
K5EK Mixed 337 349
W4UW Mixed 337 376
W6NWS Mixed 337 348
WA4MWX Mixed 337 349
K4GHS Mixed 336 349
K4KL Mixed 335 338
K4ZA Mixed 335 345
KF4NEF Mixed 335 339
N4ZX Mixed 335 345
K2SD Mixed 334 349
K4DGJ Mixed 334 345
K8YC Mixed 334 338
W4QNW Mixed 334 350
W4UFO Mixed 334 342
KF2X Mixed 333 343
W7DO Mixed 332 335
WR2K Mixed 332 342
N4ENE Mixed 331 340
AA4V Phone 340 363
K4CIA Phone 340 365
K4MK Phone 340 349
K4MQG Phone 340 376
K4XP Phone 340 357
KZ2I Phone 340 361
N2TU Phone 340 350
W4MBD Phone 340 358
AA4R Phone 339 359
K4TAG Phone 339 359
N4PQX Phone 339 346
N1GC Phone 338 344
W3OA Phone 338 348
W4BUW Phone 338 354
W4UNP Phone 338 353
K5EK Phone 337 349
W4FC Phone 337 359
W4UW Phone 337 376
K4BVQ Phone 336 374
KF4NEF Phone 335 339
W3NC Phone 335 345
IN3ZNR Phone 334 340
W4UFO Phone 334 342
K4MV Phone 333 344
W4QNW Phone 332 348
K4ZO Phone 331 345
AA4V CW 339 352
K4CIA CW 339 351
K4MQG CW 339 353
N2TU CW 339 349
AA4R CW 338 346
W4FC CW 338 351
K4XP CW 337 348
W4AG CW 337 343
K5EK CW 336 347
KZ2I CW 336 348
W6NWS CW 335 344
N4PQX CW 334 337
W4HG CW 333 342
W3GQ CW 332 337
K8YC CW 331 334
W7DO CW 331 334
N2TU RTTY/Digital 339 349
K4XP RTTY/Digital 331 335
W3OA RTTY/Digital 331 336

Honor Roll Status as of October 19, 2018
All numbers are taken from the ARRL website

Call 50 FFA 144 222 432 1296 Sat
AA4SC625392360 1  
K4FX202157150 60  
K4XP500314411 102
K5EK4002472 2  
KI4TZ225161174 4 16
KZ2I2101691 1  
W3GQ2321781 1  
W4NL49493 1  
WA2EMF 55     
WA2ODO  225   

VUCC Stading as of October 19, 2018
All numbers are taken from the ARRL website

Customized Beam Chart
by K8YC
Click on Chart to Download and Print your own.
beam chart spread sheet
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