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Posted 1/6/2019 Greetings Friends!
I just wanted to let you know the K4MD Node is back alive! It went off the air due to motherboard failure on or about 9 DEC 18. I have replaced the hardware and Dave Zeph, W9PA, handled the reinstall of both V4 and V6 PacketCluster software packages.
So, don't be a stranger! Come back as you like. It is there to serve your DX spotting needs. V4 still supports WWV, TALK and MAIL services.
Joe Simpkins K4MD -
RF Grounding
Posted 12/8/2018
SCAM Emails coming from a CDXA.ORG email address.
Several members have received emails with a link to a 'go fund me' page requesting donations for medical care of a child. THIS IS SCAM!!!!
First of all, CDXA has no CDXA.ORG email accounts, so any email saying it is from a CDXA.ORG email address is not from CDXA. Second, the email ask you to click on the 'go fund me' link, but instead of going to a 'go fund me' page it goes to a 'paypal' page for you to give a donation.
Paypal has been notified of this and is suppose to be taking the 'go fund me' paypal page down.
BE CAREFUL this Holiday Season as there are a lot of crooks trying to get your money!!!
Pitcairn Island DXpedition 2019 
A group of 14 operators will activate Pitcairn Island in October of 2019. This will be a two-week, all band, all mode operation with transportation to and from the island provided by the RV Braveheart.

PIDXG Press release 'Call To Action'
As you may be aware, our group the Pacific Islands DXpeditions Group (PIDXG) has been petitioning the 'authorities' for permission to operate from
Kure Atoll
Thus far, we have been rejected. All Amateur Radio Operations have been banned from the Atoll. Period!
Not the PIDXG but all Amateur operations. Primarily there is one major roadblock and it is fully detailed in the attached - - > pdf < - - . Read and take Action.
73 - Lou N2TU
Posted 11/5/2018
CDXA Member, Gary Greene - W2ZV, Silent Key.
Gary Roger Greene, W2ZV - CDXA member,
passed away on Sunday, November 4, 2018 after suffering a heart attack.
Read obituary - - > HERE < - -.
Posted 10/31/2018
CDXA Member, John Lambart - N4ZX, Silent Key.
John Michael Lambert, N4ZX - CDXA member, passed away on Monday, October 29, 2018 at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC. John was born on November 7, 1942 in Brooklyn, NY, son of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Lambert who preceded him in death. He is survived by his wife of 50 years, Betty Lynn Lambert and his daughter, Katherine Lambert both of Charlotte as well as his brother, James Lambert of Seabrook, New Hampshire.
Read obituary - - > HERE < - -.
Our Future Begins Here

Work the World with WSJT-X
by Joe Taylor
WSJT FT8 Slide Presentation by W4WNT
Posted 3/26/2018

View the FT8 slide show by W4WNT - Bill Turner, shown at the 2018 Charlotte Hamfest HERE .

For full screen, click the above full screen icon.
A video of the presentation can be found HERE
< ! - -- - >
International Grid Chase 2018 - ARRL update("11/15/2016")
While the ARRL is holding its 'ARRL International Grid Chase 2018' contest, CDXA will be holding its own “2018 CDXA FT8 Challenge” for CDXA members only. For the CDXA Rules and how to enter the Challenge and what you will need to submit to CDXA,

CDXA members should have received an email with information and a link on how to upload their FT8 Log ADIF files to the 'CDXA DROPBOX FT8 LOG FILES' folder. The link to Drop Box is included in the Rules, under "QSO Reporting". by connecting to
Posted 10/25/2018
Hello Fellow CDXA and other DXers..
The ARRL has requested that the DX Advisory Committee (DXAC) solicit input from users of current Digital and the new FT8 modes about the possibility of providing a new DXCC Certificate for the FT8 Mode only. Currently all digital type QSOs qualify for the Digital DXCC certificate, but again the question is whether an FT8 only DXCC Certificate is needed due to the popularity of the new mode.
Just a few years ago the ARRL changed the RTTY DXCC to the new Digital DXCC Certificate. Your thoughts on the need for another DXCC Certificate just for FT8?

73, Gary Dixon, K4MQG
Fort Mill, SC
ARRL DXAC Representative-Roanoke Division
Posted 8/29/2017


Posted 4/13/2017
Hello DXers -
Tomorrow, Friday, Paul, W3GQ, and Dick, W3OA, will be activating islands in Lake Norman as part of CDXA's 35th anniversary celebration. Here are the details:
  • Callsign: We will use the Club callsign, W4DXA.
  • Frequencies: We will be calling CQ on 40 or 20 meters, SSB.
  • On 40 we will start at 7.250 and move up until we find a clear frequency. Don't be surprised if we are as high as 7.280.
  • On 20 we will start at 14.250 and move up until we find a clear frequency. Don't be surprised if we are as high as 14.280.
  • We will start at 1500Z (11:00 AM local) and plan to operate for about 3 hours.
  • Location: We will start on island NC059 and then move to NC060. Both islands are just south of Governors Island.

  • Please try to work us on each Island on both 40 and 20 meters if you hear us. Our goal is to get at least the 25 QSOs needed to qualify each island.
    updated 2/16/2017
    Do you use for any of your online shopping? If so, make your default link to Any items bought using this link gives a small donation to the Carolina DX Foundation. Thanks.
    Updated 9/25/2016
    Help CDXA Support DXPeditions by renewing your membership or joning ARRL through CDXA. If your ARRL renewal/membership application is sent to the ARRL by CDXA, CDXA is able to retain a small portion of your ARRL application/renewal dues. Click - - > [ here ] < - - for more information and the Renewal Form to print, complete and and send to CDXA.
    Posted 3/13/2016
    CDXA Hamfest Dinner pictures by Ed - K5EK

    Click on picture to view all pictures.
    Posted 2/13/2016
    ARRL DX Contests Are Coming Soon
    CW: Third full weekend in February (February 20-21, 2016).
    Phone: First full weekend in March (March 5-6, 2016).
    Contest Period: 48 hours each mode (separate contests). Starts 0000 UTC Saturday; ends 2359 UTC Sunday
    Read more - - > Here < - -
    Posted 9/22/2015
    Formation of Carolina DX Foundation
    The Carolina DX Association (CDXA) is pleased to announce, effective immediately, the formation of the Carolina DX Foundation, a non-profit organization under the rules of the Internal Revenue Service Section 501(c)(3). The purpose of the CDXF is to support amateur radio DXpeditions through financial distributions....
    Specifically, benefits of DXpedition support by the CDXF include the furtherance of scientific research exploring electromagnetic wave propagation in the high frequency domain, and education through public presentations by DXpeditions supported by the CDXF. Donations to the CDXF are accepted from individuals and organizations, and are tax deductible per IRS rules and regulations. The CDXF is a separate, and separately managed, entity from the CDXA. The Officers of the CDXF will be elected on a yearly basis, in December, by all those who have donated to the CDXF in the preceding twelve months. Initially the Officers are: President, Hal Bouton, N4QT; Vice President, Bill Fisher, W4GRW; and Secretary-Treasurer, Cliff Wagoner, W3ZL. The Officers will make all final decisions regarding distribution of DXpedition donations.
    The foundation of the CDXF stems from Frank Dowd, K4BVQ, generously donating his radio collection to the CDXA several years ago, netting the CDXA over $15,000 for DXpedition donations. Hal Bouton, President of CDXF, says “Without Frank’s generosity, the CDXF would not be possible. We are excited about building on this foundation and adding to it to help fund important DXpeditions into the future.”
    For more information on CDXF, or to make a contribution, contact:
    Cliff Wagoner
    PO Box 577
    Davidson, NC 28036

    Cliff Wagoner, W3ZL
    Carolina DX Association
    218 Ohenry Ave.
    Davidson, NC 28036
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