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Using CDXA Mailman

CDXA Members only mailing list.
For information on how to use the CDXA Mailing list and/or if you are not on the CDXA Mailing List, see below if you are a CDXA member to add your email address. List Mangers will verify your CDXA membership before you can use the mailing list.

To send Email to all list members, merely click on CDXA Members Link.

When you receive Email from the CDXA Mailing List, do not reply to it unless you want everyone to receive the reply. To reply to the sender of the Email, simply create new Email and send to that person.

An archive of all Emails forwarded by the CDXA Mailing List is available for your review at

This is a restricted mailing list for CDXA members. If someone other than a member of the CDXA Mailing List posts a message to the list, it will go to the List Managers (W3ZL) for approval.

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