Carolina DX Association W4DXA

2015 CQWW DX Contest

Unofficial Contest Totals of CDXA members
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Call PHONE Category QSOs Score   CW Category QSOs Score   Total Score
AA4R*SO,H,A12071812375 SO,L,A8411067660 1067660
AA4V    SO,H,A7881117984 1117984
AE4VJSO,H219112860 SO,H,SB80 425358 118218
K2SDSO,H,A497788 SO,H,A404293888 301676
K2SX    SO,H,A15892880496 2880496
K4CEBSO,H321216720     216720
K4FSSO,H,A11321584436     1584436
K4KAYSO,H252114752 SO,H297142416 257168
K5EKSO,H,A13332109359 SO,H,A7481281660 3391019
K8YCSO,H,A268212212     212212
KH6/AA4V**MO,H,A29742985000     2985000
KU4VSO,H,A672703571 SO,H,A15159360 762931
KZ2ISO,H12501635167 SO,H373720 1638887
N2TUSO,H,A277210925     210925
N4APRSO,H14960249     60249
N4GBKSO,L19299202     99202
N4HWHSO,L13245021     45021
N4PQXSO,H,A10301755280     1755280
N4UFPSO,H532478548 SO,L200100284 578832
N4ZC    SO,H,A10711717811 1717811
NV4ASO,H,A250176384 SO,H,A280187839 364223
W3ZLSO,L,A200104413 SO,L350223668 328081
W3GQSO,H,A12841926262 SO,H,A17692762163 4688425
W3OASO,H,A12862025448 SO,H,A10391523030 3548478
W3SASO,H327183885     183885
W4FRASO,L(Classic)10528032     28032
W4WNTSO,L,A11734960 SO,L,A11033681 68641
W7DOSO,H,A532622242 SO,H,A7411151590 1773832
 TOTALS  17432716 14552608  31985324

* AA4R operated from Michigan in the SSB Contest and North Carolina in the CW Contest, so CDXA does not get credit for this score.
** There were two operators at KH^/AA4V, AA4V and N4SF. Both are CDXA members.

Category Abbreviations: SO Single Operator, H High Power, L Low power, SB Single band, U Unlimited.

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