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2014 CQWW DX Contest

Unofficial Contest Totals of CDXA members
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Call PHONE Category  QSOs Score   CW Category  QSOs Score Total Score 
AA4R* SO,H,A 1282 1876554   SO,L,A 922 1206810 3083364
AA4V   0 0   SO,H,A  900 1475056 1475056
AE4VJ SO,H 321 206976   SO,H 258 162400 369376
K2SDSO,H,A14245784 SO,H,A625568458614242
K2SX** 00 M/2118762886052528860525
K4DXASO,H,A339364720  00364720
K4FANSO,L290215172 SO, L, A14065514280686
K4FSSO,H,A10241304020  001304020
K4KAYSO,H384234255 SO,H257135513369768
K5EKSO,H,A16162662200  002662200
K8YCSO,H,A432428428 SO,H,A5026312321059660
KU4VSO,H,A11181330144  001330144
KZ2ISO,H12801483083  001483083
N2TUSO,H,A656805813 SO,H,A187039432004749013
N4APRSO,L12342640  0042640
N4HWHSO,L20678336  0078336
N4PQXSO,H,A10551773236  001773236
N4ZCSO,H,A17253222258 SO,H,A112324161985638456
NV4ASO,H,A202131976  00131976
W3ZLSO,L,A513403035 SO, L6656105421013577
W3GQSO,H,A15872534063 SO,H,A178032390915773154
W3OASO,H,A12311891150 SO,H,A7199445882835738
W3SASO,H516360687 SO, L328180493541180
W4WNTSO,L,A20096465 SO, L, A182107310203775
W7DOSO,H,A12641951387 SO,H,A111419341753885562
W7WZSO,H,A8311224866 SO,H,A95118641923089058
WA4DTSO,H,A301135805 SO,H,A280193200329005
WR2KSO,H,A213114570  00114570
WW4DDSO,L486615  006615
 TOTALS  23047684 26542459 49590143

* AA4R operated from Michigan in the SSB Contest and North Carolina in the CW Contest, so CDXA does not get credit for this score.
** K2SX was one of four operators at PJ4A. CDXA gets credit for one quarter of their score.

Category Abbreviations: SO Single Operator, H High Power, L Low power, SB Single band, U Unlimited.

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