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2013 CQWW DX Contest

Unofficial Contest Totals of CDXA members
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Call Category Q's Z C Score   Category Q's Z C Score   Tot_Score
AA4R*SO, H, A15771344372560935   SO, L, A10121143801401478  3962413
AA4V        SO, H, A59287296648036  648036
AG4CSO, H, A770102298868000          868000
K2SDSO, H, A55061190394070   SO, H, A65287258637905  1031975
K1MIJSO, H, A34273175229400          229400
K4FANSO, L, A95437128278          28278
K4MLSO, L25043119112104          112104
K4LY        SO, H, SB803302694108120  108120
K4NCSO, L56274219459424   SO, L54097251516432  975856
K4UWH        SO, L62204211036  11036
K5EKSO, H, A15801494802827355   SO, H, A14671595743035353  5862708
K6RMSO, L121408039240   SO, L41463183283146  322386
K7BV        SO, H, A12411002941412884  1412884
K8YCSO, L, A179161100   SO, L, A29093263282664  283764
KU4VSO, H, A9361173171116682          1116682
KZ2ISO, H36092180265472          265472
N2TU        SO, H, A27691255248774  248774
N4DKFSO, L1834210273152          73152
N4ZCSO, H, A21651605314275217          4275217
NV4ASO, H, A50394285525294          525294
PJ7W**        MS615114953611053160  11053160
W2ZVSO, L189429368715          68715
W3ZL        SO, L, A73488268749024  749024
W3GQSO, H, A13971213852032602   SO, H, A15151494852723030  4755632
W3OASO, H, A13881314272195730          2195730
W3SASO, H23157126113460   SO, L28064152166240  279700
W4GRWSO, L, SB10165215434500          34500
W4NZC        SO, L21062123108780  108780
W4WNTSO, L, A32665161207694   SO, L, A27971169184320  392014
W7DOSO, H, A10081343821472148   SO, H12091534982226420  3698568
WA2EMF        SO, L127418645593  45593
WA4DT        SO, L, A25560144149940  149940
WW4DD        SO, H23153131121808  121808
 TOTALS         17339637           18745370   36085007

* AA4R operated from Michigan in the SSB Contest and North Carolina in the CW Contest. CDXA ony get credit for his CW score.
** K2SX was one of three operators at PJ7W. CDXA gets credit for one third of the PJ7W score.

Category Abbreviations: SO Single Operator, H High Power, L Low power, SB Single band, U Unlimited.

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