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2016 ARRL INTL DX Contest

Unofficial Contest Totals of CDXA members
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QSOs Ctry Score   PHONE
QSOs Ctry Score Total QSO's Total Score
K7BVH19884172486988 H1623444216183636114648824
K5EKH15454552107560 H1501415186874530463976305
W3GQH13104101611300 H1282411158070625923192006
W7DOH8514101046730 H1085420136710019362413830
W3OAH820332816720 H1163365127348519832090205
K2SXH12213851446885 H1066337107772615881650570
AA4RL831334832662 L83430275560416651588266
N4ZCH000 H1240384142732812401427328
KZ2IH20181080 H1106347115134611261152426
K4FS 000 H3198337107772631981077726
NV4AH379278316086 H302220199320681515406
W3SAH385185213675 H462192266112847479787
W4LVHH000 H530260413400530413400
K8YC 000 H444278370296444370296
K4KAYH33176151662 H35640150234687302334
K4FANL20013078000 L397185220335597298335
KU4VL351206216918 H7273006543001078216918
AD4IEH20010563000 H300143128700500191700
W3ZLL332163162348  000332162348
K2SDH300157141300  000300141300
K4CEB 000 H260153119340260119340
W4PNY 000 L1581004740015847400
W4WNTL1299235604 L4637510617540710
W4LMH1298834056  00012934056
K2XNL1017723100  00010123100
 TOTALS     11785674     16316145  28101819

Category Abbreviations: SO Single Operator, H High Power, L Low power, SB Single band, U Unlimited.

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