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2015 ARRL INTL DX Contest

Unofficial Contest Totals of CDXA members
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QSOs Ctry Score   PHONE
QSOs Ctry Score Total Score
AA4RSO, L, U747351786591 SO, L, U115135412223622008953
AA4SCSO, SB15, H1806735979 SO, H567153259764295743
AA4V     SO, H, U136034414035201403520
AD4IESO, H, U403187226083 SO, H, U18610759706285789
K2SDSO, H, U18010456160     56160
K2SXSO, H, U21434923161592 SO, H, U7352766085803770172
K4FAN     SO, L1661145677256772
K4FS     SO, L, U10768310394161039416
K4KAYSO, L379 205326 SO, L476211301308506634
K5EKSO, H, U19514742772900 SO, H, U144341718051934578093
K7BVSO, H, U18445022777064     2777064
K8YCSO, H, U450311419850 SO, H, U7442986651361084986
KI4TZSO, L, U816340832320 SO, L, U112934411630641995384
KU4VSO, H1107725410     25410
KZ2ISO, L, U74388436 SO, H109601962028056
N4GBK     SO, L2221409282092820
N4QM     SO, L, U255151115515115515
W3GQSO, H, U10953761235160 SO, H, U143842018118803047040
W3OASO, H, U8224071003662 SO, H, U123938214198942423556
W3ZLSO, L, U482229331134 SO, L, U550210346500677634
W4ZVSO, SB160, H2005935400     35400
W4LMSO, H, U560243408240     408240
W4LVH     SO, L, U532273435708435708
W4WNTSO, L, U17414475168 SO, L359172185244260412
W7DOSO, H, U12024361572216 SO, H, U133842917220063294222
WA2EMF SO, L1479943659 SO, H265152120840164499
 TOTALS     16012350     14854848 30867198

Category Abbreviations: SO Single Operator, H High Power, L Low power, SB Single band, U Unlimited.

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