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Rules for the 2019 CDXA 6 Meter Challenge:

Contact amateur stations in as many different 2 degrees by 1 degree Maidenhead 4-digit Grid Squares as possible using any mode on 6 meters.

Challenge Period:
0000Z Jan 1 to 2359Z Dec 31, 2019

6 meter band only.

Contacts made using repeaters whether terrestrial, aeronautical or satellite, do not count.

Low Power: Up to 100 watts maximum power.
High Power: Up to full legal maximum power.

Each new Grid Square worked will count as one point.
Final logs for the year will be due by 2359Z 5 January 2020. The total scores will then be determined. The scores will be announced in the February “Pileup”, and prizes will be presented at the Hamfest Banquet in March, 2020

QSO Reporting:
Logs shall be submitted in ADIF format, using Dropbox at: . Note that each log submitted must contain all relevant QSOs to date, including QSOs from contest and non-contest operations. Logs may contain contacts from before the contest period, which will not count but will keep entrants from having to create a new log just for this Challenge. Logs may be submitted on a monthly basis with January logs to be submitted by 5 February. After initial log submission, logs need be submitted only when new Grid Squares are logged, by the fifth of the following month, except that each participant must submit a log after December, as the final scores will be based on the December logs which should include all relevant QSOs for the entire year. Each participant shall also certify which Power Category he is using. (See “Log Naming” below.)

Log Naming Format:
Submitted logs shall be named as follows: [“CALL”|”CATEGORY”|”HOME GRID SQUARE”|”MONTH”|.adi], where “CALL” is your callsign, “CATEGORY is “low” or “high”, “HOME GRID SQUARE” is the four-digit Grid Square of your home QTH, and “MONTH” is the 3 letter abbreviation of the latest month for which the log is being submitted. (So, a log with “jun” may include QSOs from January through June for scoring, as well as older QSOs.) Note, as mentioned above, that anyone with multiple QTHs in different Grid Squares must submit separate logs for each QTH, which shall be scored separately. An example of a valid log name is: “nv4alowem95jan.adi” which records a log for NV4A for a Low Power category from EM95 through January 2019.

At the end of the year, the participants with the highest score in the Low and High Power categories based on the above “Scoring” section are the Overall Category Winners of the “2019 CDXA 6 Meter Challenge.” The Overall Winners in the Low and High Categories will be awarded $50 Amazon Gift Cards. There will be a raffle which will give all other participants with a score of at least 50 Grid Squares a chance to win one of four $25 Amazon Gift Cards. Certificates will be awarded to the winners in each Category.

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