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Posted 9/1/2015
The ARRL has informed Sam Hawes, K4DGJ, that he is now on the DXCC Honor Role, Mixed, with 333 current DXCC credits and 343 total credits.
Gary Dixon, K4MQG, performed a Field Check of Sam's last application at the CDXA Wednesday lunch on August 19th. So that's a turn around in under two weeks.
Congratulations Sam!

Posted 6/29/2015
Palmyra Atoll KH5-P Press Release #2 28 June 2015
Lou (N2TU) and Craig (K9CT) previously announced a DXpedition to Palmyra Atoll at the International DX Convention in Visalia, California. Palmyra (KH5) ranks #9 on the Most Wanted List and #2 in Europe. The Pacific Islands DXpedition Group has been awarded permission to activate Cooper Island in the Palmyra Atoll, 11-26, January 2016.
A team of 12 highly experienced operators and veterans of many DXpeditions has been assembled. Team members include Craig K9CT, Lou N2TU, Jerry WB9Z, Tom ND2T, Mike K9NW, Ralph KØIR, John K6MM, Bob K4UEE, Hal W8HC, Dick W3OA, Jim N9TK, and Glenn WØGJ.
The Team plans to operate five stations, 160 to 6 meters on CW, SSB and Digital modes, using a call sign to be announced at a later date. Antennas dedicated to working Europe will be deployed due to the high need and propagation path difficulty
Support the Palmyra DXpedition with your donation.
Make your donation using your credit card or paypal by
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Posted 6/13/2015
W4DXCC is a DX and Contest Convention held in Pigeon Forge, TN If you’re a DXer, Contester or just an active ham you should attend this year.
W4DXCC header The attendees enjoy the fellowship of other hams and share their experiences. They meet old friends and make new ones. Once you attend you will be back every year. Representatives from Top equipment manufacturers will be on hand to demo new equipment and answer your questions One on One.
This will be the most informative and relaxed DX and Contest convention you have ever attended, not to mention the many great prize drawings.
It’s Time to make your reservations
1) Call the Mainstay convention hotel at 865-428-8350 to book your room and be sure to ASK for SEDCO special rates
2) Call Rosie KA4S at 865-898-2279 for Convention and Banquet tickets.
For More Details Visit us at -

Posted 5/26/2015
The QSL Man is NOT Dead
Wayne, W4MPY, the QSL man has been gravely ill with cancer, but is still alive.
During his illness the QSL business was taken over by a member of the family that is not a ham, but does know graphic arts and was instrumental in helping Wayne with the software he used for creating the variety of QSL cards.
Unfortunately this family member did not do well with the business and things just spiraled out of control until Wayne W4MPY and his XYL Lola N4KAI were forced to close the business. We are aware of the money owed many and are working to full fill our obligation to these loyal customers. Please contact David Carroll W5QDF on this email account and let David see what he can do to resolve things. David W5QDF and his XYL Sonya KF5ZRA are taking care of Wayne and Lola and their doing well.
David W. Carroll

Posted 4/17/2015
CDXA Members do Double Duty INDEXA Logo
Many of you CDXA Members probably already know who INDEXA is. Yep, it is one of the world's largest financial contributors to major DXpeditions, but did you know that the origin and current Executive Committee Members are right here in the Carolinas? INDEXA was started in Rock Hill, SC in 1983 by CDXA member W4WMQ. CDXA member and INDEXA's current President is Gary Dixon, K4MQG, VP & Newsletter Editor is John Scott, K8YC, Secretary & Treasurer is Dick Williams, W3OA and one of the Directors is Bill Jennings, W4UNP. It is truly an International DX Association with over 1000 members' world wide. Just recently INDEXA was fortunate enough to qualify for the IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. Now DXers can deduct contributions for the "Most Wanted" DXpeditions through INDEXA on their personal taxes each year. You can join INDEXA, pay dues, and make donations through the INDEXA web site at

Posted 3/14/2015 Great News DXers.
Lots of things can change in the next few months but Dom, 3Z9DX, is one that has the greatest possibility of activating North Korea. Start now getting those antennas ready and wish for wonderful propagation. 73, Gary, K4MQG
On February 28th, broke the news that Dom 3Z9DX had written permission to operate amateur radio from a VERY wanted DXCC entity.
Today, we can reveal that entity is North Korea (P5).
Dom 3Z9DX explains he has received a further letter from authorities in Pyongyang inviting him to a final meeting to discuss [and for he to accept] rules by the North Korean military and the relevant telecommunications department.
This meeting will take place in December with activity planned for January or February 2016.
According to P5 telecoms, Dom will be permitted only three bands (20-15-10) likely using a multiband vertical from a secured place in Pyongyang with two government supervisors over-looking 24/7.
Activity will last for 5 days.
At the moment this is a solo expedition to the #1 Most wanted entity using SSB only. He is working hard behind the scenes to get one more op (CW) to join him.
Please realise this project is a work in progress and try to understand that it may only be Dom who operates from P5.
More updates / website throughout 2015.
Any questions via Press Officer, Col MM0NDX.

Posted 3/1/2015
Lou - N2TU
and the CDXA Banner

Posted 3/5/2015
K1N Interview for MDXC by W0GJ
1- The 1st question is "mandatory" Dott. Glenn: it has been 25 years from the last activity in KP1. This made of Navassa the Most Wanted #1. How did you feel being part of the team?
We have been working on getting permission to operate from Navassa (and Desecheo) since 1998. It has been a very long and difficult road working to get permission from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service who has jurisdiction over these entities. Read more here.

Updated 2/13/2015
New QSL Bureau Web Page
The W4-K4-N4 QSL Bureau is launching a new web page. Click on the "W4QSL Bureau" tab (above) to access the Bureau's new web page. Please note the large box with the blue background entitled "Your W4-K4-N4 Card Status Check". Read what it says and then click on the word "sorter" within that box or scroll to the bottom of the page to see if your card sorter is participating in this new program. A hash tag (#) next to your letter indicates that your data is on line.

As this this the F, I, K, N, O, V and Z letter suffixes are now on line. Putting this data on line is considerable extra work for our letter sorters. As such, their participation is voluntary and I ask your understanding if your letter sorter chooses not to participate.

Give a big "Thank You" to Dick, W3OA and Wayne, WB4BXW for developing this program for us.
73 to all,
Paul Sturpe, W3GQ
QSL Bureau Mgr for W4, K4, N4 Prefixes

If you have news that you think needs to be added to the News box, send it to for review and posting.

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Support the Palmyra DXpedition with your donation. CDXA members Lou Dietrich (N2TU), co-team leader, & Dick Williams (W3OA) will be on island.
Make your donation using your credit card or paypal by
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