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K4KAYSO, L379 205326
K5EKSO, H, U19514742772900
K7BVSO, H, U18445022777064
K8YCSO, H, U450311419850
KI4TZSO, H, U816340832320
KU4VSO, H1107725410
KZ2ISO, H, U74 8436
W3GQSO, H, U10953761235160
W3OASO, H, U8224071003662
W3ZLSO, L, U482229331134
W4ZVSO, SB160, H2005935400
W4LMSO, H, U560243408240
W4WNTSO, L, U17414475168
W7DOSO, H, U12024361572216
WA2EMFSO, L1479943659
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Posted 2/23/2015
K1N Interview for MDXC by W0GJ
1- The 1st question is "mandatory" Dott. Glenn: it has been 25 years from the last activity in KP1. This made of Navassa the Most Wanted #1. How did you feel being part of the team?
We have been working on getting permission to operate from Navassa (and Desecheo) since 1998. It has been a very long and difficult road working to get permission from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service who has jurisdiction over these entities. Read more here.

Posted 2/17/2015
K4DXA - Ken Boyd (CDXA President) SK
Ken passed away Monday February 16, 2015 after a short illness. You can share your feelings, condolences and remembrances of Ken K4DXA on our Guest Book. See obituary here.

Posted 1/21/2015
FCC "Paperless" Amateur Radio License Policy Goes into Effect on February 17
Starting February 17, the FCC no longer will routinely issue paper license documents to Amateur Radio applicants and licensees. The Commission has maintained for some time now that the official Amateur Radio license authorization is the electronic record that exists in its Universal Licensing System (ULS), although the FCC has continued to print and mail hard copy licenses. In mid-December the FCC adopted final procedures to provide access to official electronic authorizations, as it had proposed in WT Docket 14-161 as part of its "process reform" initiatives. Read More [here].

Posted 1/10/2015
CQ Magazine Combining January, February 2015 Issues, Closing CQ Plus Digital Supplement.
Read More [here]

Updated 2/13/2015
New QSL Bureau Web Page
The W4-K4-N4 QSL Bureau is launching a new web page. Click on the "W4QSL Bureau" tab (above) to access the Bureau's new web page. Please note the large box with the blue background entitled "Your W4-K4-N4 Card Status Check". Read what it says and then click on the word "sorter" within that box or scroll to the bottom of the page to see if your card sorter is participating in this new program. A hash tag (#) next to your letter indicates that your data is on line.

As this this the F, I, K, N, O, V and Z letter suffixes are now on line. Putting this data on line is considerable extra work for our letter sorters. As such, their participation is voluntary and I ask your understanding if your letter sorter chooses not to participate.

Give a big "Thank You" to Dick, W3OA and Wayne, WB4BXW for developing this program for us.
73 to all,
Paul Sturpe, W3GQ
QSL Bureau Mgr for W4, K4, N4 Prefixes

Posted 12/20/2014
Navassa DXpedition
For interesting facts and pictures from Navassa Island, Click on the Image.
Navassa Island Pictures Thanks to Lou - N2TU for this information.

Posted 12/18/2014
Navassa DXpedition
Listen to an interview with Glen Johnson - W0GJ, December 17 2014. This is an audio mp3 clip. No video.

Posted 12/17/2014
Navassa DXpedition
Here are some links to help keep you informed on what is happen with the K1N Navassa Island DXpedion 2015. Their website address is and their Facebook page is at

Posted 12/12/2014
Changing of the Guard
Hal - N4QT steps down, Ken - K4DXA steps up as the new CDXA President.

Posted 12/8/2014
Pictures from the 2014 Christmas Dinner
Click to view all.

Posted 10/31/2014
K1N image By now, most CDXA members should be aware that Lou - N2TU has been asked to join the Navassa DXpedition Team... I am truly honored to be on this #1 Most Wanted DXpedition!
The K1N press release mentioned the landing zone (ladder) is no longer there... and as such, there is no viable way to land on Navassa without the use of a chopper. It will take approximately 10 round trips to land...then 10 to retreat! Additionally, one of the USFWS requirements is to have a vessel standby in the tiny harbor, or off shore in case of storms. This adds another layer of expense!
You can check the Navassa Island DXpedition 2015 website at

Posted 8/28/2014
*WWROF Assumes Ownership and Administration of the Cabrillo Log Specification*
In another example of WWROF"s continued mission to provide support and oversight for some of contesting"s most valued assets, the Worldwide Radio Operators Foundation is pleased to announce that it is has assumed ownership and control of the widely adopted Cabrillo Log Specification created by Trey Garlough, N5KO.
For information about WWROF, please visit, or contact WWROF Chairman, John Dorr, K1AR, via e-mail at:

Posted 6/1/2014
Congratulations to the CDXA members on the AA4ZZ/W4MW VHF Contest Team, Paul AD4IE, Eric K4CEB, Ken K4DXA, Wayne KU4V, Dick W3OA, Bill W4GRW & Chris WW4CP for their 4th Place Finish USA, #1 in NC, operating from Boone, NC, in the 2013 CQ WW VHF contest.
Mark your calendars, the 2014 CQ WW VHF Contest is July 19 & 20th, 2014!

Posted 4/23/2014
Ted - W4VHF was able to make it to today's Wednesday CDXA lunch. Thanks to his daughter KT for bringing him by!

Posted 4/23/2014

Dear Ten-Tec customers and friends,

Hamfest at Ten-Tec has been cancelled this year due to our plans to relocate in early fall.
After enjoying 46 years in our headquarters on Dolly Parton Parkway, we are actively seeking a new location in Sevierville that will offer more modern and energy-efficient facilities, a new showroom, and a much-needed upgrade in working environment for staff.

Posted 4/21/2014
CDXA had a great presence at the Raleigh Hamfest this weekend. Special thanks to Paul W3GQ and Wayne KU4V for all of their efforts in making this event a success. Those pictured are (L-R) Paul W3GQ, Wayne KU4V, Nyles KS4S, and Robert W4MBD. Spent most of my time walking around talking to people, and received very positive feedback, about the CDXA from those in attendance. Wearing a CDXA shirt and CDXA nametag, several people approached me and said they didnt know there was a DX club in NC, Bill, -W4GRW

Posted 3/11/2014
Link to the [video] that was done for Teddy Freddy (W4VHF)

Posted 3/10/2014
CQ Names New Ad Manager as Publisher Shifts Gears
CQ Communications President Richard Ross, K2MGA, has announced the appointment of David Chartock to head the company's advertising department, effective immediately. [Read More]

Posted 3/9/2014

Posted 3/9/2014
Ken Boyd (K4DXA) wins the CDXA Fund Raising 2014 Raffle. Congradulations.

Posted 3/9/2014
Wayne Helms (N4HWH) wins the CDXA Hamfest Dinner raffle of the Yaesu FTDX-1200, courtesy of Yaesu and Dennis Motschenbacher (K7BV).. Congradulations.

Posted 3/4/2014
CDXA Members ARRL Intl. DX CW & SSB Contest scores posted [Here].

Updated 2/25/2014
Tuesday, Feb 25, Ham Radio will be the topic on "Charlotte Talks" with Mike Collins, WFAE FM 90.7. The show airs live @ 9AM and is replayed at 9PM. CDXA's own Paul Jones K4VCF and TIm Slay N4IB will be in the studio live talking about ham radio, the upcoming Charlotte Hamfest and the ARRL's Centennial.
Hear the show now at

Posted 2/12/2014
I am pleased to announce that Roger Burt, N4ZC of Mount Holly, NC is the recipient of the 2013 Roanoke Division Service Award. Roger will receive this award on Saturday, March 8, 2014 at the Charlotte Hamfest during the ARRL Forum.
Congratulations Roger.
Dennis Bodson, W4PWF
ARRL Director
Roanoke Division

Posted 2/7/2014
the September VHF Contest results have just been published and AA4ZZ is again top 5 in the USA. Our very own Roger W4MW is mentioned and our AA4ZZ contest team is one of the top performers with lots of quotes from Paul etc.... Click [Here] to view article in ARRL.
Way to go team !!!!

Posted 1/9/2014
Karl Bowman (W4CHX), a CDXA member from Raleigh, NC, is assuming the role of NC Section Manager as a replacement for Bill Morine, N2COP who decided not to seek a third two-year term to concentrate on his family's business. Karl is a veterinarian and an avid DXer and contester.

Posted 1/9/2014
Between now and Jan. 17, Land's End is waiving the embroidery charges for apparel in the Business Outfitters Division if you use the promo code CALOGO. Any CDXA members contemplating some new apparel might want to do it now. Visit our CDXA Apparel webpage for information on ordering your apparel.

Posted 12/18/2013
CDXA Members ARRL 10 meter contest scores posted [Here].

Posted 11/20/2013
After all the preparations, negotiations and delays, the Forgotten 98 Commemoration went off without a hitch. What a great group of operators! Our CDXA partners, Joe AA4NN and Dick, W3OA did an outstanding job of dishing out QSOs and handling the pileups...remember your CDXA members constituted fully one third of the Wake Team! [More]

Posted 9/30/2013
Bill-W4GRW was able to book the ARRL President, Kay Craigie, N3KN for the '2014 Charlotte Hamfest' ARRL forum. You can get the latest information on the '2014 Charlotte Hamfest' at

Posted 9/19/2013
VHF/UHF From Atop the Blue Ridge
The AA4ZZ Contest Team excited a few ions from the mountains around Boone, NC on the weekend of September 14-15 operating as a Limited Multioperator Station in the ARRL September VHF/UHF contest.
All preparation work was done by noon on Saturday with antennas raised and transceivers ready to work 6m, 2m (FM, SSB and CW), 222 MHz (FM, SSB, and CW), and 70cm (FM, SSB, and CW). Could it be that Mr. Murphy would be absent this session? Answer: No, but his presence was soon banished from the premises by some astute hams! [Read More]

Posted 9/12/2013
Is a New DXCC Entity in Our Future?
(The item below appeared in The Daily DX issue of September 11, 2013. It is reprinted with permission of The Daily DX.)
See the Global Post.
Seasoned DXers know this usually follows or precedes issuance of an ITU callsign block. Will the ITU now list the Z6 prefix on the official "Table of International Call Sign Series" at here If so this would finally qualify Kosovo for DXCC as a counter, instead of current naught status.

Posted 9/3/2013
A Tour of VOA Bethany Station
An informative video tour of the VOA Bethany Station near Cincinnati is now available for your viewingpleasure. See and learn how the United States of America created a radio presence in Europe toovercome Hitler's propaganda machine that had been fostered by distribution of low cost radios to German citizens.
Transmitters capable of 250,000 watts output provided people of Europe a way to learn "the otherside of the story." See the gigantic manual switching apparatus that allowed changing transmitterfrequencies and matching them to the correctly configured antenna. Learn how the VOA buildings were the first "green buildings" using waste heat to keep the entire building warm in Ohio winterswithout a furnace! This is a must-watch video.Go to: and look for the VOA Museum Special which was first shown on August 1, 2013.

Posted 6/17/2013
What's there to do after DXCC or DXCC Honor Roll? Plenty. Start working as many DXCC entities on as many BANDS as possible.With 10 bands from 160 meters to 6 meters and 340 entities,getting them all (almost an impossible task) will keep you occupiedfor quite a while. The award is called the DXCC Challenge.Don Etters (W4DEE), pictured here, discovered the delight of his first 1000 confirmed "slots" and clearly enjoys having another pieceof "hardware" to put on the wall of his shack.

Posted 6/10/2013
If you are one of the many who think getting started and using Logbook of the World (LOTW) is too complicated, then there is hope! The ARRL has just made the job of setting up and using LOTW simpler. A new release of the software is now available. If you already use LOTW, then you should upgrade the software by going [HERE]
If you do not yet have an LOTW account and want to establish one,then the link to get you started is:

Posted 5/21/2013
One of CDXA's Charter members, Gary Dixon (K4MQG) is now a member of the CQ DX Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony was performed Friday, May 17 at the annual DX Banquet at the Dayton Hamvention.

The CQ DX Hall of Fame honors individuals who have made significant contributions to DXing. Gary joins a distinguished list of DXers who have been inducted since the award's founding in 1967. The criteria for induction are not enumerated by CQ Amateur Radio on its website but a review of those inducted before Gary indicate that some of the considerations are: conducting DXpeditions, serving DXers by managing QSL operations, contributing to tools and/or technology that is helpful to the DXing activity, engaging in exceptional humanitarian activity, serving with foundations or organizations helpful to the DXing activity, or promoting the vision of the DX hobby by informing radio amateurs and the general public of just what DXing is all about. While not appearing to be a requirement, any DXer will recognize that many inductees were also very active DXers-either in being DX or chasing DX.

Gary joins fellow CDXAers Lynn Lamb (W4NL) and Carl Smith (N4AA) in the CQ DX Hall of Fame. Congratulations to Gary Dixon for this honor in his 56th year of being a Radio Amateur.

Posted 5/14/2013

The DXPedition to Heard Island, VK0, originally scheduled for 2014 is being rescheduled for January 2015. This after the cost estimates for a 50 member DXPedition came in at around $1,500.000. Plans now are to pare down the size of the operation to about 12-15 operators on the air for about 30 days. The team feels that this smaller operation can be accomplished at about 1/3 the cost. Even so, this will be a very expensive operation into a part of the world difficult to reach. It will require huge support from the DX Community. Good luck team!

Posted 4/7/2013

Dick Williams, W3OA has been named by INDEXA to replace Bill Jennings, W4UNP as Secretary-Treasurer of INDEXA. Bill recently announced his intention to retire. Dick will fill the unexpired term until elections are held in September. INDEXA is a major sponsor of DXPeditions. Dick, a long time DXer, and member of the DXCC honor roll will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the INDEXA organization.

In an unrelated move, Bill Jennings, W4UNP agreed to fill the unexpired term of INDEXA director Rich Grant, W9RG who announced his retirement. Dick is CDXA's Contest Manager and Bill is also a CDXA member.

Posted 3/1/2013Press Release
Team Leader Lou N2TU and the Management Team of Joe W8GEX, Craig K9CT, and Joe AA4NN are proud to announce they are planning a Commemorative DXpedition to a rare DX entity. This DXpedition will be to Wake Atoll (KH9) in October 2013.
[Read more here]

Posted 1/31/2013
In case you missed it, CDXA is now the sponsoring club for the K4, N4 and W4 incoming QSL bureau These incoming QSLs are undergoing a CAT Scan before going to the US Post Office. There they will be sent to the various "letter sorters" before going to their final destinatations. Our QSL bureau manager said that not all QSLs will get the CAT Scan!
a cat scan

Posted 1/21/2013
Marion Island to get Ham Operator
We have just learned that ZS1BCE, David, has been appointed as the new radio technician for Marion Island from April 2013 until May 2014.David departs Cape Town on 15 April 2013 and will only be active once the ship departs with the old team about 4 weeks later. He will be active on most HF bands; SSB only.David returns to Marion Island for the second time, but the first time as a radio amateur. He conducted a tour of duty as a radio operator in 1995 / 1996 as part of the Marion M52 Team.No call sign has been applied for yet, but David wishes to apply for ZS8D. More details will follow once the call sign has been allocated.His QSL Manager will be Pierre Tromp ZS1HF / ZS8M. All enquiries should be made strictly via ZS1HF.(This information is courtesy of Dan Schaaf)

Posted 11/16/2012

CDXA has been officially designated by ARRL to handle the single letter prefix 4th area QSL bureau. Because of the high number of US call signs with the number 4 in them, the 4th call area is handled by two QSL bureaus. One bureau, in Sterling, Va. handles 2X call signs, i.e. AA4NN while a second bureau in Charlotte handles the 1X call signs, i.e. K4SQR.

The Charlotte bureau has been under the able jurisdiction of the Mecklenburg Amateur Radio Society for years although much of the work has been shared by members of the Carolina DX Association. CDXA will become the responsible organization for handling the single letter prefix 4th area QSL bureau pending approval from the membership at its upcoming annual meeting.

At its annual meeting on December 13, CDXA will also elect a QSL Bureau Manager to replace Ken Boyd (K4DXA) who has managed the bureau for the last six years and has announced his intentions to retire from that position. CDXA wishes to thank the Mecklenburg club for their past service and looks forward to the continued cooperation from its members in sharing the workload associated with running the QSL bureau.

Posted 10/29/2012

The following paragraph appeared today in the NORTH CAROLINA SECTION NEWS

LONGTIME CDXA PRESIDENT TED GOLDTHORPE, W4VHF, STEPPING DOWN For those who like to chase DX, we are fortunate to have an ARRL affiliated dedicated DX club located in North Carolina: the Carolinas DX Association. Although based in Charlotte, it serves members throughout North and South Carolina, and in many other states. Not many ARRL sections have a DX club so take advantage of its resources and superb website at Ted, W4VHF, has been the long time chief of CDXA and after many years of unflagging service, he and his equally hard working YL Itice, K4LVV, are taking some well deserved time off. Thanks Ted and Itice for your expert leadership in making DX fun in the Carolinas.

Posted 10/22/2012
Here is a short video from the recently completed Swains Island DXPedition.

Posted 10/7/2012
Not to be outdone by AA4NN (see 2nd picture) Lou, N2TU, also a member of CDXA, showed his class by dressing up for dinner. Even in the sweltering temperatures of Swains, the guys could still have a sense of humor!

When you are on an island and the temperatures are above 110 degrees and you forget your hat.....what do you do. Why you use your pant leg of course!

Pictured above is Joe, AA4NN who just returned from the very successful DXPedition to Swains Island. Also returning was Lou, N2TU. This was Lou's first major DXPedition, while Joe is a veteran of many major DXPeditions. Both are members of CDXA. Great job fellows!

Posted 9/3/2012
NEWS RELEASE: Yaesu Presents Radios to HS0AC in Thailand
I depart Thailand early Tuesday morning after a number of days of DX pileups along side some of the most enthusiastic and friendly hams in the world! I will never forget my time here to present two Yaesu FT 2000D radios (thanks to Yaesu President Mr. Jun Hasegawa) to the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand headquarters station HS0AC that lost their radios during the terrible floods last year.
I was delighted to find Thailand extremely "radio active" with over 300,000 hams; most on VHF. However, after seven years of waiting, the Thai hams are once again able to test for a license that gives them the HF bands. Over 40 have already passed the exam this year and at least one more test is schedule in 2012. I understand that upgrade testing will likely now occur three times a year meaning 100s of new HF operators are about to appear on the HF bands.
All this is great news for hams around the world!
73 Dennis Motschenbacher (CDXA member) K7BV HS0ZKSExecutive Vice President Amateur Radio Sales

Posted 9/2/2012
Activity at Swains Island
Lou, N2TU, sent us this link for a report on the unloading of gear at Swains Island yesterday and today.
The author is Alex Jennings, the owner of Swains Island.

Posted 8/23/2012
Today, the FCC released the mandated 'report to Congress' on the Amateur Radio Service:[Read Here]
ARRL comments on the report may be seen at: [Read Here]
If you live in a 'restricted' area, this concerns you and your ability to practice your Amateur Radio hobby to its fullist.
Thanks to W4BFB for this news update.

Posted 8/10/2012
On August 3, the ITU updated its Table of International Call Sign Series to reflect a call sign change for Niue. The island will now have the entire E6 prefix block. Niue -- an island located approximately 1700 miles northeast of New Zealand -- is a self-governing island nation that has been in free association with New Zealand since 1974. Prior to the change, the island used ZK2. According to the CIA World Factbook, Niue is about 1.5 times the size of Washington, DC, and has a population of almost 1300 people.

Posted 7/12/2012 CDXA Field Day pictures can be viewed [here]

Posted 7/10/2012
Is North Korea on the Short List?
A recent announcment by Rick, K6VVA has stirred interest in the DX community about a possible upcoming DXPedition to North Korea. Rick is not looking for finacial support at the present time, but is trying to determine the amount of financial help that will be available should all the hurdles be cleared for the P5 operation.
For more information or to indicate your support, go to:

Updated 8/1/2012 CDXA members, Joe (AA4NN) and Lou Dietrich (N2TU) are members of the 2012 NH8S SWAINS Island DX team.

Posted 7/12/2012 ANNOUNCEMENT --- 3D2C - DXpedition to Conway Reef September 24th 2012 till October 5th 2012Our team continues its activities in Central and Southern Pacific. For 2012We booked the beautiful island of the Pacific, we wanted to activate the lastyear, but we preferred the island of Rotuma with 3D2R CALL. Now our teamunanimously decided that the Conway Reef is our next point. Conway Reef 3D2C.

Posted 7/5/2012 ANNOUNCEMENT --- PT0S - DXpedition to St. Peter and St. Paul Rocks Jun 30, 2012, Sao Paulo and Miami The Araucaria DX Group, in conjunction with the TX3A Team, is pleased to announce a DXpedition to St. Peter and St. Paul Rocks, PY0S, under the call sign PT0S. The DXpedition will take place in the late November to mid December, 2012 time frame. The actual dates will depend on weather conditions and will be announced on the PT0S website,

Posted 5/16/2012
FCC Seeks Higher Vanity Call Sign Fee
The FCC released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on May 4, seeking to raise the fee for Amateur Radio vanity call signs. Currently, a vanity call sign costs $14.20 and is good for 10 years; the new fee, if the FCC plan goes through, will go up to $15 for 10 years, an increase of 80 cents. The FCC is authorized by the Communications Act of 1934 (as amended) to collect vanity call sign fees to recover the costs associated with that program. Read More.

Posted 5/16/2012
New "PRB-1" Law Now in Effect in Ohio
On May 15, Governor John Kasich (R-OH) signed a bill into law granting comprehensive rights to Amateur Radio operators in that state. Several key players in the successful effort to enact a 'PRB-1' law in Ohio were present for the signing, including Section Manager Frank J. Piper, KI8GW; Rick Swain, KK8O; Bill Carpenter, AA8EY; Steve Katz, N8WL, and Constance Barsky, WD8ODC. ARRL Great Lakes Division Director James Weaver, K8JE, was also at the signing. Read More.

Posted 4/16/2012
DXCC Card Checking Rule Change
Effective immediately, a change in the DXCC Rules permits volunteer Card Checkers who have achieved DXCC on 160 meters to check 160 meter QSLs in the field, and all Card Checkers to check cards for Deleted Entities.

Posted 4/5/2012
FCC Seeks Public Comments on Emergency Communications by Amateur Radio and Impediments to Amateur Radio Communications. In response to the Congressional directive to prepare a study to assess Amateur Radio"s role in emergency and disaster communications and the impact of private land use regulations on the amateur community"s ability to provide such communications, the FCC issued DA 12-523 soliciting comments from the public. The period for public comment runs until May 17, 2012.Read more [here].

Posted 3/24/2012
CDXA Hamfest Banquet pictures by John Scott (K8YC) are now available for viewing. You can view them [here] or from the above navigation bar under CDXA Pictures.

Posted 3/23/2012
Make a donation to CDXA [marked for Swains DXpedtion] which will be added to the amountCDXA is making to the DXpedition. You can use the CDXA donation form[here] to make your donation.

Posted 3/16/2012
The ARRL has announced a new DXCC fee structure effective April 2, 2012. There are a number of changes with the "tweaking" of the price stucture being the least significant.A primary aim of the new fee structure is to avoid the year end backlog that occurs. This is being accomplished by removing the surcharge that is currently in place if one submits more than one application per year, deleting the current hybrid application problem and adding a new online application. Full details of the new program are available at:

Posted 3/1/2012
Joe, W8GEX and Craig K9CT, are pleased to announce they are planning another DXpedition to a rare DX entity. Joe and Craig were the co-leaders of the very successful PJ7E DXpedition on 10-10-10. Before that, they were part of the team that re-activated Midway, K4M, in 2009.

This DXpedition will be to Swains Island in September 2012. Swains ranks number 31 on the DX Magazine Most Wanted Survey and number 30 on Club Log's Most Wanted list. Because of the anticipated demand, a highly experienced team of 20 operators has been formed. The team will operate six stations over a 14 day period, from 160 to 6 meters on all modes, using the callsign NH8S. Great emphasis will be put on Europe where it is most needed.

Team members include AA4NN, DJ7JC, DL3DXX, I8NHJ, K5AB, K6MM, K6TD, K9CT, KH7Y, N2TU, N6HC, NA6M, ND2T, NI6T, SM5AQD, W4BUW, W6KK, W8GEX, WB4JTT, and WB9Z.

Posted 2/23/2012
(From The ARRL Web Site)
According to the Finnish Ministry of Transportation and Communication, the Saimaa Canal Treaty between Finland and Russia has been finalized by relevant Finnish and Russian authorities through ratification.
The Treaty has entered into effect with a date of February 17, 2012.
Malyj Vysotskij Island (MVI), R1M, is no longer included in the Treaty. Thus, MVI will be deleted from the DXCC list as of February 17, 2012, and added to the Deleted Entities List.
Administratively at HQ, we will not make the necessary changes to the DXCC system until after the final data processing for 2011 is complete -- this includes the tables shown in Logbook of The World.
DXCC members will see their current entity totals drop by one on their Mixed awards, and on the bands and modes where MVI credit is given. They will also see their DXCC Challenge totals drop commensurately.

Posted 2/22/2012
(From The Daily DX)
The Daily DX has learned the International Telecommunication Union(ITU) announced the official callsign allocation prefix for the fledgling nation of the Republic of South Sudan, which joined the United Nations (UN) on July 14 at 1400Z. The 193rd member of the UN has been assigned the callsign prefix block Z8A through Z8Z. The ARRL added country number 341 to the ARRL DXCC list and the first and only DXpedition to South Sudan was that of ST0R during late July and early August of last year.

Posted 2/10/2012
[Read Here] the Latest information on Proposed Charlotte Amateur Radio Ordinance
from Sandra Montgomery, AICP,Planning Coordinator - Development Services. Charlotte Mecklenburg Planning Department

Posted 2/5/2012 Ham Radio USA 100 Years and Counting When you first glance at the title,Ham Radio USA 100 Years and Counting, you can't help but think Read More

Posted 6/4/2011
The ARRL has made the VUCC standings available on their web site. The listing is similiar to the DXCC standings. Use this link (or copy and paste) to get you to the correct web page. Enjoy!

Posted 6/6/2011
IMPORTANT: W4BFB 2m Repeater CHANGES!ALL W4BFB 2m repeaters will require use of CTCSS (pl) tone 118.8Hz for access SOON. The 145.23 repeater now requires the 118.8 tone.

Posted 5/13/2011
Two local hams, N4ACF and W4DON were featured in a story about Amateur Radio in Wednesday's (May 11th) Charlotte Observer's Mooresville News section. Just over a month from now, Hams all over the country will be "practicing" their emergency communications skills during an event called Field Day. Field Day also provides a good opportunity for the Ham Radio Community to show off their commuications capabilities to the publicby operating in public areas such as parks, shopping malls, etc. and by providing news releases to local media.

If you have news that you think needs to be added to the News box, send it to for review and posting.

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GDXF Mega DXpeditions Honor Roll  


Call Mode Active Entities Total Entities

Honor Roll Status as of February 7, 2015
All numbers are taken from the ARRL website

Call 50 FFA 144 222 432 1296 Sat
AA4SC612389322 1  
K4DXA165883 2  
K4XP257161411 102
K8YC2201644 1  
KI4TZ225161174 4 16
WA2ODO  225   

VUCC Stading as of February 7, 2015
All numbers are taken from the ARRL website

Year   QTH Class   Score   Comment
2014 WW4CP 2E 5,508 4th in Class
2013 KI4TZ 3E 9,738 2nd in Class
2012 KI4TZ 3E 9,946 2nd in Class
2011 KI4TZ 3E 8,550 1st in Class
2010 AA4SC 3E 10,020 1st in Class
2009 K4DXA 3E 8,876 1st in Class
2008 AA4S 5E 13,950 1st in Class, Set Class Record
2007 AA4S 4E 12,702   1st in Class, Set Class Record
2006 W3OA 2E 7,754 2nd in Class
2005 K4DXA 2E 2,100 3rd in Class
2004 K4DXA 2E 2,261 3rd in Class
Year Points CW Team Members Comment
2012 14,021,610 N2TU, N4ZC, W3GQ, W3OA, and W7DO 6th WW
2011 17,608,406 IS0/K7QB, N2TU, N4ZC, W3GQ, and W3OA 5th WW
2010 11,320,594 IS0/K7QB, N2TU, N4ZC, W3GQ, and W3OA 7th WW
2009 9,281,847 IS0/K7QB, N2TU, N4ZC, W3GQ, and W3OA 5th WW
2008 5,391,638 AA4S, IS0/K7QB, N2TU, N4ZC, WA4DOU 9th WW
2007 6,679,728 AA4NN, AA4S, IS0/K7QB, N2TU, WA4DOU 6th WW
2006 4,999,004 AA4S, W0AH (K4LY), W4GMY, WA4DOU, ZS3NN (AA4NN) 12th WW
Year Points Phone Team Members Comment
2012 12,363,413 K4LY, N4ZC, W3GQ, W3OA and W7DO 4th WW
2011 12,661,490 K3XC, KI4TZ, KZ2I, N4ZC, W3GQ 6h WW
2010 5,760,167 KI4TZ, KZ2I, N4PQX, W3GQ, W3OA 4th WW
2009 5,300,619 KI4TZ, KZ2I, N4PQX, W3GQ, W3OA 7th WW
2008 5,966,359 AA4S, KI4TZ, KZ2I, N4ZC, N4PQX 3rd WW
2007 7,656,542 AA4S, KZ2I, N4PQX, W3OA, W4WTB 4th WW
2006 9,078,007 4X/AA4V, AA4S, N1GC, N4PQX, W4WTB 2nd WW

CDXA Club Officers for 2015

Ken Boyd
Bill Fisher
Cliff Wagoner
Pileup Editor
John Forbus
Cluster Manager
Joe Simpkins
QSL Manager
Paul Sturpe
Contest Manager
Dick Williams
Wayne Setzer

CDXA Past Presidents
W4WNT-Bill,  W4VHF-Ted,  K4DXA-Ken,  K4MQG-Gary,  WA4OBO-Ken,  AA4R-Bill,  N4ZC-Roger  N4PQX-Bob
2001-2002      1983-1986      1988-1992           1987              1996                 1997          1981-82        1999-2000
                     2003-2012                                       Not in Picture, K4MD-Joe 1993-1995, 1998

Year CDXA Score Ranked in
Medium Club Category
2014 30,100,296 4th
2013 26,958,444 4th
2012 23,932,758 4th
2011 26,587,443 5th
2010 22,155,432 3rd
2009 10,157,613 7th
2008 11,293,344 3rd
2007 7,910,718 9th
2006 2,747,289 18th
2005 7,619,703 14th
2004 6,569,034 16th
2003 2,014,479 19th
2002 3,407,106 20th
2001 2,588,943 21st
2000 3,547,737 24th
ARRL Combined
ARRL CW Low Power ARRL Phone Low Power

Year CDXA Score Ranked in USA
2013 39,074,381 16th
2012 49,233,286 13th
2011 60,196,309 11th
2010 32,684,047 12th
2009 24,942,122 13th
2008 28,284,340 12th
2007 34,784,070 8th
2006 25,680,386 12th
2005 17,672,958 18th
2004 23,246,423 15th
2003 15,383,214 19th
2002 17,364,657 20th
CQWW Combiner
CQWW CW Low Power CQWW Phone Low Power


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