W4-K4-N4 QSL Bureau Card Sorters

Our card sorters are individuals who volunteer their time to distribute DX cards to appropriate recipients.  Letter sorters are assigned according to the first letter in the sufix of a call sign that follows the 4.

If your sorter has a # next to your letter,
see what your sorter has on file for you.
Enter your W4-K4-N4 Call.

If after checking your card status, and you still have questions about the status of your cards, sorters may be contacted by email.

Here is the current sorter list for the single-letter prefix 4th area QSL bureau. The first letter after the number 4 in your callsign tells you your sorter.

Note: An asterisk (*) indicates that sorter prefers a cash account (contact that sorter for details) and a hash tag (#) indicates that the sorter's information is online.

Call Suffix Card Sorters are:

A * Joe AA4NN aa4nn@arrl.net
B George W4BUW w4buw@aol.com
C # Gene N4ANV n4anv@aol.com
D # Don W4DEE w4dee@Truvista.net
E George W4BUW w4buw@aol.com
F # Paul W4FC w4fc@juno.com
G # Mike N4JEX mikes722@yahoo.com
H * Margarett MARGARETT margarett@earthlink.net
I # Paul W4FC w4fc@juno.com
J Jerry N4JR n4jr@arrl.net
K # Jerry N4NO n4no@arrl.net
L * # Jim W4LNX w4lnx@arrl.net
M # Mark W4MP w4mp@arrl.net
N # Jerry N4NO n4no@arrl.net
O Jerry N4JR n4jr@arrl.net
P Mac W4PVT w4pvt@aol.com
Q George W4BUW w4buw@aol.com
R Jerry N4JR n4jr@arrl.net
S # Paul W4FC w4fc@juno.com
T * # Bruce K4ZO k4zo@bellsouth.net
U * # Jim W4LNX w4lnx@arrl.net
V # Marc K4FTU subtlemarc@gmail.com
W * # Hutch NK0S nk0s@arrl.net
X * Joe AA4NN aa4nn@arrl.net
Y * Tommy N4YZ n4yz@arrl.net
Z * # Steve K4EU k4eu@arrl.net
      Dummylin DUMMYLINE  
Your new C letter sorter is Gene, N4ANV.

Our Bulk Card Sorters are:

N3ASF-Sue N4HWH-Wayne
WW4DD-Bill AD4IE-Paul
K8YC-John W3GQ-Paul
W1AJT-Art K4LRH-Jack