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PC Time Synchronization critical with regard to the JT modes.

The following procedure does not require any external programs. I developed this process from reading Joe Taylor's information. Art Tolda - W1AJT / VE3UTT

First to check the time synchronization source used by the PC:

  1. Right-click the date and time area on the pc task bar. (right bottom of screen)
  2. Left-click "Adjust Date/Time" then; (Skip to #7 for Windows 7)
  3. Left-click "region" (left side of window) (Windows10 only)
  4. Scroll down to "Related settings" (Windows10 only)
  5. Left-click "Additional date, time, & regional settings" (Windows10 only)
  6. Left-click "Date and Time" (Windows10 only)
  7. On the Date and Time window, left-click the "Internet Time" button (top of window)
  8. On the "Internet Time" window, left-click "Change settings" button
  9. On the "Internet Time Setting" window, insure that the "Synchronize with an internet time server" box is checked, and in the "Server: box" use the drop down arrow to select "" as the time source.
  10. Click OK, OK and close the Clock and Region window.

Now we are going to edit the Windows Registry which is the most effective and certain way to control the Time Synchronization program. You will have to have "Administrator" level to do this. By default, when you choose to use the facility that is available in recent Windows OS, it does an update only once a week. PC clocks lose or gain too much time in that period so you need to choose an update interval of One day or less. I recommend 6 hours, that is 21600 seconds. But you can choose whatever time interval you would like.

Now we will use regedit to change the update frequency. It is fairly deeply buried but these simple instructions will get you there. To be absolutely safe in regedit you can make a backup of your current settings but I live on the wild side and just change things.

Changing the Internet Time Update Synchronization Process

To change the interval that Windows updates the time using the internet time server via regedit.exe, navigate to:

  1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\W32Time\TimeProviders\NtpClient
  2. Select "SpecialPollInterval"
  3. Change decimal value from 604800 to a different value in seconds. i.e.: 86400 (1 Day) 21600 (6 hours), and so on.
That's it. You do need to be careful in this process, and change only this one setting. If you need help, please write.

Art - W1AJT / VE3UTT
2020 CDXA Contest Manager

WB4BXW, I created a 'windows registry .reg' file you can download that will make all the above changes for you. The file is named 'TimeProvider_UpdateInterval.reg'.
I have double checked the file running it on different pc's, but as always if you have any doubts make a of the 'registry file' before running the 'TimeProvider_UpdateInterval.reg' file.
You can download the file by clicking . The download will open a new browser window showing the file 'TimeProvider_UpdateInterval.reg' data. Right-click the page and click 'save as". Be sure to look at what directory (folder) the file will be save in. Also if the file has a .txt added to the end of file name, delete the .txt from the end of file name before clicking the 'Save' Button.
After you have saved the file, double click the file to run it.
That's it. The Time Provider Server 'NtpServer' has been changed to "" and the 'SpecialPollInterval' changed to update every 6 hours in the Windows Registry file.

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