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The 4th Call Area has two ARRL Incoming QSL Bureaus.  One bureau processes incoming DX cards for call signs having a 2-letter prefix such as AA4NN while the other bureau processes incoming DX cards for call signs having a single letter prefix, such as K4SQR.  All other call areas have only one incoming QSL bureau.

Prefix Bureau
 (W4, K4, N4)
Prefix Bureau
(AA4,  WA4, NX4, etc.)
W4, K4, N4 QSL Bureau, PMB#305
631 Brawley School Rd Ste 200B
Mooresville, NC  28117-6209
Sterling Park ARC
Call Box 599
Sterling, VA  20167

SASEs for the 1-Letter Prefix Bureau can be sent to the above address, but for faster service, send them directly to your letter sorter.  For questions about your DX cards on hand or status of your SASEs, you can email directly to your letter sorter.  Information about letter sorters and their email addresses is given at the end of this document.

You can write or send email to the bureau manager for help and information on how each bureau operates.  Not all bureaus operate in the same fashion. 

      Manager of 
1-letter prefix bureau
     Manager of 
2-letter prefix bureau
Paul Sturpe, W3GQ
8860 Peninsula Dr
Terrell, NC 28682
Dick Maylott, W2YE
19277 Evergreen Mill Road
Leesburg, VA 20175

You do not need to be a member of ARRL to receive DX cards via the bureau.  This is a free service provided by volunteers.  General information on how ARRL Incoming Bureaus operate can be found at:

The incoming bureaus cannot process Outgoing QSL Cards.  Outgoing QSL cards may be sent to ARRL Headquarters for processing.  This service is for ARRL members only and there is a nominal charge based on card weight.  More information about the outgoing QSL service can be found at:

The incoming bureaus are not intended for exchanging QSL cards with stateside stations. Outgoing QSL cards inadvertently sent to an incoming bureau will be returned to you using your SASE and postage.

To receive your incoming DX cards via the bureau you need to have an "account" established with your bureau. This can be in the form of self-addressed-stamped-envelopes (SASEs) on file at the bureau, or in some cases by establishing a cash account with your letter sorter.

What follows is specifically for the 4th area 1-Letter QSL bureau. If your call is a two letter prefix, check with the 4th area 2-Letter prefix bureau for their preferences.

Check the list of letter sorters at the bottom of this article. If your letter sorter has an asterisk after his/her letter, then that sorter wants a cash account rather than envelopes. Communicate directly with that sorter if you have any questions.

If your sorter accepts SASEs then prepare a few SASEs. Size is important. A nominial size of 5x7½ or 6x9 inches works well. Anything larger is cumbersome in the card file. Extra postage is required for envelopes exceeding 6⅛ inches in height, 11½ inches in length or when the length divided by height is less than 1.3 or greater than 2.5. Business size envelopes are not recommended because they tend to tear apart going through the mail system, also unless folded over, some DX cards will not fit into a business size envelope. A letter sorter has the option of returning oversized envelopes using your SASE and postage. If in doubt about the envelopes you intend to use, check with your letter sorter or your local post office.

Prepare your SASE by printing your call sign in the upper left hand corner of the envelope and addressing the envelope to yourself.  Put one unit of first class postage in the upper right hand corner.  Loosely clip some extra stamps to the SASEs for use if a mailing of the DX cards exceeds one ounce.  One ounce is equivalent to about 8 DX cards

Mail 3 or 4 SASEs to the appropriate 4th area bureau according to the prefix of your call sign. The single letter prefix bureau (W4, K4, N4) prefers that you send your SASEs directly to the letter sorter shown below. This helps avoid delays in getting your SASEs on file. Also you need to keep envelopes on file with all Bureaus for which you have different callsigns that you have held. The sorters do not know what your new callsign is or what the old one was.

Do you want to avoid the hassle of finding and mailing suitable envelopes to your letter sorter? For a limited time and while supplies last, I will provide 4 envelopes with one forever stamp for $3.00. Here is how it works.

Send me $3.00 for every 4 envelopes you want to buy. Make sure to provide me with your call sign and mailing address. I will provide the envelopes and one forever stamp for each envelope. I will put your call and address on the envelope and forward them to your letter sorter. Payment can be made via PayPal to (preferred method) or via check, money order or (green stamps at your risk.) Checks and money orders should be made to Paul Sturpe, W3GQ.

Extra funds generated by this offer will go to the N4, K4, W4 QSL Bureau petty cash fund to help defray other bureau costs.

QSL card sorters are individuals who volunteer to distribute DX cards to appropriate recipients.  Letter sorters are assigned according to the letter that follows the 4 in a call sign.  Sorters may be contacted by email for questions regarding the status of cards and envelopes on file.    Click on the sorter's callsign in the following list of sorters to get the mailing address.

Email addresses for letter sorters working in the single letter prefix bureau follow.  For inquiries to sorters working in the 2-letter prefix bureau, contact Dick Maylott at the 2-Letter Bureau (see above.)

Here is the current sorter list for the single-letter prefix 4th area QSL bureau. The first letter after the number 4 in your callsign tells you your sorter.  Click on the call sign to take you to  Note: An asterisk (*) indicates that sorter prefers a cash account.  Contact that sorter for details.

A * Joe AA4NN
B George W4BUW
D Louis K4BYN
E George W4BUW
F Paul W4FC
G Richard K4DJ
H * Margarett via AA4NN
I Paul W4FC
J Jerry N4JR
K Jerry N4NO
L * Steve KZ2I
M Bill K4MWB
N Jerry N4NO
O Jerry N4JR
Q George W4BUW
R Jerry N4JR
S * Don N4IZ
T Bruce K4ZO
U Nobby W4UFO
V Marc N4VLQ
W Louis K4BYN
X * Joe AA4NN
Y * Tommy N4YZ
Z * Don N4IZ

N3ASF Sue   N4HWH Wayne   W3OA Dick
AD4IE Paul   K8YC John   W3GQ Paul
AI4YR Christine            


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